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Marketing Trainings – SSD

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This section of the membership site includes all the marketing resources you need to market your business. These include how to set up and run Facebook ads, how to run Google ads, digital benchmarks so you know what to aim for, how to create a webinar, webinar outline flow so you know what to put into your webinar, and how to land PR opportunities for yourself.

How to run Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Training

Below are the five steps to the Facebook Ads Process, including creating a Facebook Business Manager, creating + installing your Facebook Pixel, how to set up retargeting audiences, the Facebook Testing Protocol, and how to create your Facebook Campaign.  

Step 1: How to Create a Facebook Business Manager

Step 2: How to Create + Install Your Facebook Pixel

Step 3: How to Set up Retargeting Audiences

Step 4: Facebook Testing Protocol

Step 5: Creating a Facebook Campaign

Digital Ads Benchmarks

Facebook, Google Ads & Webinar Benchmarks

Webinar How-To

Webinar Funnel How-To & Costs

Landing Pages

Landing Page Best Practices

landing page best practices

Strategic Planning

Part 1: Strategy

Strategic marketing plan

Part 2: Marketing Plan

strategic marketing plan

Video Trainings

Facebook Pixels & Retargeting Audiences