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Bonus Training / Resources

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On this page you will find BONUS trainings and RESOURCES that are valuable supplements to the regular coursework.

There are 3 important strategic planning documents: Your Brand Playbook (fill out throughout). The budget tracker, and the Strategic Planning Framework (focus on mostly in weeks 11-12), however, you can start working on them at any time! They were already added to your google drive folder when you started the program, however, if you ever need to access the files again, you can download them here:


  • Brand Playbook – download your white label example, save it on your computer and fill this in as you go
  • Budget Tracker – you’ll start this in week 4 with money goals but you can download and start filling it in any time. Once you have a clear money goal, you’ll need to have a plan for how to hit it. This tracker helps you visually see, plan and prepare for growth by seeing your income and expenses
  • Strategic Planning Framework – you will focus on this heavily in weeks 11 & 12, but you can start any time. Once you clearly understand where you are headed, why it matters, and who your ideal customers are, you will have clarity about your desired model for growth. This strategic planning framework then becomes the place where you document your action strategy for growth for the next 12 months. You will choose 1-3 key SMART growth goals and will outline all of the steps necessary to help you achieve those growth goals by breaking down key tasks within each SMART goal.


Sales Training Videos:

Sales Training #1:

The Customer Journey

Sales Training #2:

Getting YOURSELF Prepared for a Sales Meeting

Sales Training #3:

Sales Script + Value Gap

Bonus Resource Documents:

Prospective Customer Interviews

This resource will teach you how to conduct and prepare for prospective customer interviews, including creating a script, what types of questions to ask, and how to navigate through the interview. 

3 Quick Facebook Tips

Three quick tips on Facebook Ad copy, graphics, and the importance of testing, plus some helpful examples of successful Facebook Ads.